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Haunted House by Paula Blasius McHugh

I've had a lifelong fascination with things that go bump in the night. Perhaps it's the ancient memory of banshees and pookas in my Celtic blood. Here are a few tales that suggest the existence of other realities. You don't need to believe them, but they're worth listening to all the same. Then again, they do make you wonder.

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The Witch
playing time 4:13

One of my favorite storytellers. Oleta Singleton of Stout's Mills, West Virginia, was ninety-three years old when I spent several hours with her one afternoon recording her stories. Not just her words but the very way she spoke transported me back to an earlier time in America. I hope you enjoy this tale as much as I do.

Haunted House
playing time 8:49

Patty Looman plays the hammered dulcimer. Growing up she lived in a haunted house. Don't believe in such things? Then perhaps you should have a talk with the folks from the National Enquirer.

Ghosts of Pawleys Island
playing time 2:44

Bebs Chorak spent her summers as a child on Pawleys Island off the coast of South Carolina. Here she tells some of the spooky yarns she heard about the island including the legend of the Green Man.

The Departing Shade
playing time 2:53

Grief for the loss of a loved one can hold our hearts prisoners as Richard Jones of Evanston, Illinois, relates in this story about a relative.

The Entity
playing time 2:48

Louise Galenza lived for some years in Canada before moving to West Virginia where she is a librarian. Here she tells about a spirit that once lived with her family.

On the Road at Night
playing time 2:19

While visiting my in-laws near Portage, Michigan, I had the lucky fortune to meet Deborah Sparbell and record some of her family stories. Here she tells about a ghostly encounter her grandfather had one night when he was a young man.

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