American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Green Chair Painting by Paula Blasius McHugh

Sometimes within families there is one person who has a flair for telling stories. They bring a sense of enchantment into our lives and are often remembered long after they are gone.

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Panther's and Rattlesnakes
Playing Time 3:57

Robert Morgan is a writer and author of Gap Creek. He grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains and vividly remembers the long dark winter evenings of his youth and the stories that kept him entertained.

Grandma's Tales
Playing Time 6:47

John Lilly loved visiting his grandmother in Chicago who regaled him with wonderful tales some of which were true and others, well, you can decide for yourself.

The Prison Storyteller
Playing Time 5:51

Olga Andreyev Carlisle's family lived through the Russian Revolution. Her grandmother was even imprisoned by the Bolsheviks in Siberia where, Olga was to discover many years later, her grandmother used her talents as a storyteller to help her fellow inmates endure terrible suffering and deprivation.

Jesse James
Playing Time 3:28

Beverly Marks fondly recalls here the stories her grandfather used to tell her including one she suspects is true about the famed Jesse James.