American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Calico Corn Painting by Paula Blasius McHugh

Political discussions within families can be a source of either wisdom and tension. It all depends. Listen to these stories to hear how some families deal with political differences.

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A Knack for Political Understanding
Playing Time 3:26

Maria Gillan was raised in my hometown of Paterson, New Jersey. She's a poet and teacher whose political views were influenced greatly by her immigrant Italian father.

Parking Meters
Playing Time 2:50

Bruce Perry is a leading researcher and spokesman in the area of early childhood brain development. He is also a forceful spokesman for encouraging civic involvement in young people. He draws inspiration from his maternal grandfather whose efforts to change a law in North Dakota helped instill in his grandson a belief in determined political action.

Poll Watching
Playing Time 4:48

Judith Parkhurst's parents couldn't be more different from each other as she relates here in this humorous story about opposing poll watchers during the 1930s.

A Woman's Right to Vote
Playing Time 7:51

Irene Paul grew up in New York City. Here she speaks passionately about her step mother's belief in democracy and the right of woman to vote.