American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Old Photograph

Few objects are as evocative as an old family photograph. They spur the mind to remember certain people and the stories we associate with them. But sometimes the story is about the photograph itself.

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Uncle Jack
Playing Time 5:31

Billy Cornette is a musician and a collector of old photographs but search as he might, he never found a photograph of anyone in his own family who played an instrument. Until a picture of Uncle Jack turned up, that is.

Family in Kentucky
Playing Time 4:06

Bill Knight remembers coming across a photograph of some of his Kentucky ancestors during the late 1960s and how proud it made him feel even if his own mother wasn't all that thrilled.

The Family Album
Playing Time 3:28

An essential keepsake at reunions for Richard Jones's family was an old photograph album. As a young boy, Richard was strangely moved by the faces of young men he found in the album, many who had been killed fighting in the Civil War. Here Richard tries to put words to the feelings these photographs conjured up in him.

The Firehose Wagon
Playing Time 2:38

Marty Creager of Peoria, Illinois, here relates a couple of stories about photographs of his grandfather, one during his youthful days in Iowa as a volunteer fireman, and later on a trip to see the newly constructed Hoover Dam.