American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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A Little Bit of fun
The Tea Lady Watercolor by Paula Blasius McHugh

There's an old saying: if you can laugh at yourself, you'll always be amused. That's why we all need someone to poke a little bit of fun at us now and again. Isn't that why God gave us relatives?

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The Car Salesman
Playing Time 2:31

For some reason Richard Bausch's father always wanted to be a car salesman. Eventually he got his wish and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. So his son decided to give him a little test.

The Pony Cart
Playing Time 4:14

Fiddler Kevin Burke often visited his grandparents in Ireland when he was a young man. Here he talks about how big of a change electricity was for his grandfather and a prank that was played on the old man one time by others in the family.

Great Gas Mileage
Playing Time 1:37

Men returning from service in WWII were eager to get on in life and have a little fun. Kevin Arnold here tells a story about a joke played by his father and his friends on a neighbor who'd just purchased one of the first Vokswagen 'Beetles' sold in America.

Catalog Wife
Playing Time 3:12

Some pratical jokes can cause an uproar in the family but are funny nonetheless. Here Lee Smith tells about a man who was in the market for a wife and how her father and his friends were only too happy to oblige.