American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Days of Summer
lady of the Lake Painting by Paula Blasius McHugh

Ah, the days of summer. It is a stage set for adventures, the memories of which can last a lifetime. Here are a few stories about that magical time of the year when we put aside the monotony and burdens of the marketplace for a spell.

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Homemade Trailer
Playing Time 6:38

The legendary Pete Seeger needs no introduction. I caught up with Pete at the Virginia Festival of the Book several years ago where I was honored to perform on stage with him and his brother Mike. The next morning in my hotel room I recorded Pete telling some of his family stories. Here is one about an early family camping trip into the mountains of North Carolina.

Lost Lakes
Playing Time 4:28

John Olmstead comes from a family that loves the great outdoors. Related to Frederick Law Olmstead who built Central Park, John has done much himself to conserve nature in America. Here John tells a story about his father as a camp counselor one summer in the high country of the Sierra Nevada.

Romantic Heart
Playing Time 3:56

Author Lee Smith grew up in the coal mining community of Grundy, Virgina. Here she tells a story about her best friend's father and how he played his guitar for her on warm summer evenin