American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Christmas Family Stories
Railroading Over the Rockies Oil Painting by Paula Blasius McHugh

At the turning of the year, families come together to share the old stories and hopefully make some new ones. Mothers, brothers, aunts, and grandfathers, it isn't the monetary value of the gifts that are exchanged that matter. It's the sentiments of the heart that tell the tale.

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One God, One Gift
Playing Time 6:23

Ninety-five year old Oleta Singelton tells a story about a very special gift her mother gave her for Christmas.

The Ice Storm
Playing Time 8:09

Judith Parkhurst's father was a taciturn man who seldom, if ever, showed affection to his daughter. It took a Christmas Eve ice storm to reveal his true feelings.

Christmas in the Mountains
Playing Time 5:40

Robert Morgan grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. His father struggled to support his family and there wasn't much to go around come Christmas time. Robert is now a successful author and professor at Cornell University.

The Christmas Chair
Playing Time 4:17

The worth of a truly thoughtful gift is beyond reckoning as John Eliason of northern Wisconsin tells us here.

Christmas Oysters
Playing Time 4:29

Author Lee Smith recalls how every Christmas her family imported a barrel of oysters into the mountains of Southeastern Virginia and how much their neighbors enjoyed these rare delicacies.