American family stories by audiographer Joe McHugh
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Family Story Themes

Days of Summer
We all have memories and stories to share from those summer adventures.

At the turning of the year, families come together to share the old stories and hopefully make some new ones.

Civil War
Many families carry the memories of the Civil War down through the families.

Courtship and Marriage

Family life depends on courtship and marriage. Here you hear those great tales of love and romance as shared by the children.

From the Kitchen
Food and storytelling have a long tradition. Here you will find how the making a preparing of food can be a lasting story for a family.

Gift of Music
Sometimes there is a special relative who shares their gift of music, usually a lasting gift as we find from these musicians.

Illness and Healing
All families go through the various stages of life and illness and the healing process is one of them

Little Bit of Fun
Practical jokes are a big part of family life. In our family April Fool's day comes around with much apprehension.

On The Farm
Farm life was a large part of the American rural experience. Many wonderful stories comes from these beginnings.

Other Mothers

We all have a mother but some of us are fortunate to have other mothers. These are the nannys and opars that love us when we are young.

Old photographs can be so evocative of a period of time. Some times it is the only thing you possess from an ancestor.

The democratic process doesn't always work into family life or does it.

If you have a "storyteller" in your family you know it. They are the ones who keep us all entertained on those family holidays.

Are there ghosts or not? Have a listen at these tales and you might come out thinking the other way.

When First unto This Country
Most all Americans come from some other country. Here is a collection of stories of the adventures and hardships people had coming to America.

Tea Lady watercolor by Paula Blasius McHugh